Does Your Attitude Make a Difference?

Positive mental attitude. We hear about it so often. Keep smiling, stay positive, “Positive mental attitude is the philosophy that having an optimistic disposition in every situation in one's life attracts positive changes and increases achievement. It employs a state of mind that continues to seek, find and execute ways to win, or find a desirable outcome, regardless of the circumstances. It opposes negativity, defeatism and hopelessness. “ Do you actually believe this? I absolutely do! This past month has been difficult for a multitude of reasons. My oldest daughter crushed me financially this month. I am thrilled to say she will be an exchange student studying in Spain next month but a semester of this is not cheap. Just after making that payment she dropped her IPhone in the toilet (fried) , blew the transmission in her car, and now her Mac laptop shuts down after 5 minutes and needs repair. Apple bastards said a minimum of a thousand to fix it. My daughter was crying on the phone by the last phone call. She is upset now that she is costing us so much money. I told her simply...I am not crying and I am footing the need for tears. While I wish none of these things happened, she will be fine and we will be fine. I reminded her of her succeed in school, work hard, and get a good job so when I am old she can make sure I am not eating cat food or left drooling in a corner. She laughed..meltdown averted. I also faced frustration with Boot Camp. I had an issue with the neighborhood Board with concerns regarding Boot Camp. I have faced a terrible season of storms which canceled many sessions, and like a complete fool I left my Jambox and Ipod on the field. My own fault. What person in their right mind leaves something so valuable behind? Uh, that would be me. It was gone. The worst part of my month was due to my cat, Elly, passing away. Unfortunately she was hit by a car. My family is devastated by this unexpected situation and our other cat is out of sorts. He is staying by our side, hasn't been chasing rabbits or mice, and meows non stop. Maybe after all of this I should have started to take on a
bit of a beaten down feeling. Nope, not going to happen. Those who know me know better. I always stay positive. One friend said it drives her crazy but admittedly, she is starting to also take the same approach. It works. Two days after my daughter's financial phone call she calls back. She could barely contain her excitement. She had applied for a program to go to Israel months ago and received word that she was accepted. All expenses paid! Our minds were blown. Now she will go to Spain, come home for a week and then go to Israel. We reflected back a little on her year...she is confirmed to graduate a semester early from college (debt free) with a double major due to her hard work and dedication, she interned for the Cleveland Cavaliers owner during her winter break, she developed incredible friendships through her Sorority, and she just received a promotion at her current job. Who should be on a higher high than her? Maybe my other daughter...My youngest lights up a room. She is the epitome of positive. She has to work hard at school every single day, it does not come easy to her. Honestly, nothing comes easy to her. She studies for hours, she has tutors. She is on the swim team..t knows she is not the most coordinated and will not win many races yet she is one of the strongest leaders of the team. She ended her most difficult semester with her highest grades of her school career. She got her driver's license on the first try. She interviewed for her first real office job for summer and next school year and she received the call that she was hired. She was selected for a commercial for students against drugs which has been aired this past month and she is a constant face at school sports functions rooting on her friends. She was also elected Senior Class President for the year ahead. Positive attitude pays off ! My frustrations of Boot Camp have come to an end. While I continued my Boot Camp even with the threat of opposition I must admit it was upsetting to me. At this point I have spoken to the Board and they are in agreement now that Boot Camp is positive for our community and there will no longer be an issue with them. Weather is starting to get better, sessions have been more consistent and people continue to join daily. I work everyone really hard but we all really do have a great time. New friends have been made. Waists are slimming. We laugh a lot. Ok, maybe some of the laughing is at me. I demonstrate a new move, they laugh and say no way. Sometimes “can't” sneaks out and the group moans as burpees get assigned. I laugh last because they all do it. They are kicking ass! I remind them I do it all to them so they can hurt the next day. So I am with them every day as they wake up. Their pain is their loving reminder of me. Silly people...they keep coming back. Watching them get stronger just motivates me more. I love them! To top off this month I receive a phone call. A friend is by the pool and her child saw a laminated note. “something valuable lost, please call...” An 8 year old girl though of me. How touching is that! I called the number and who would believe...a person wanted to return my Ipod and Jambox. He found it at the park. Wow! I was blown away. Thrilled and thankful. People are good and I believe all of these wonderful things that have occurred for our family is because we go into everything with a positive mindset. We look ahead and do not dwell on what is wrong or what makes us sad. I am not saying not to feel but I am saying to never let in take control of your life. No matter what your goals are, do not let negativity sneak in and sabotage your efforts. Look forward and backwards. ...find what is good and use that positive energy to guide you another day. I am including a few pictures today of my boot campers in action. These people are all making positive changes in their lives. They are setting goals and making it happen. Please notice the focus...and the smiles. I always do! 


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